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Here at Gutter Installation & Cleaning of Fort Worth, we know how frustrating clogged gutters can be. When gutters fill up with leaves, pine needles, and other debris, it can lead to a myriad of problems for Fort Worth area homeowners. Clogged gutters lead to water damage, wood rot, flooded basements, erosion, flooded foundations, and mosquito infestations. Not to mention they are difficult and dangerous to clean out.

That’s why we are proud to offer our premium Leaf Guard gutter guard system. Leaf Guards are the ultimate gutter protection for homeowners throughout Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, and the surrounding areas of TX.

What are Leaf Guards?

Leaf Guards are revolutionary gutter guards that install over your existing gutters to prevent leaves, pine needles, shingle grit and other debris from entering your gutters. This innovative product is a micro-mesh stainless steel screen with tiny holes that allow water to flow into your gutters while blocking out everything else.

Leaf Guards install right over your current gutters, so there is no need to replace your entire gutter system. Our expert installers can have Leaf Guards installed on your home in just a few hours. The micro-mesh screen installs seamlessly with your existing gutters and roofline with zero visibility from the ground. Leaf Guards come with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured your gutters will remain clog-free for years to come.

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Benefits of LeafGuard Gutter Guards

nvesting in quality gutter services for a Fort Worth property should involve considering all the associated costs and potential financing solutions. Important details such as material type, style, size of gutters needed and installation complexity should be carefully evaluated to make an informed decision with cost-effectiveness being paramount. Gutter Installation & Cleaning may offer certain financial plans that help alleviate any worries over expenses related to purchasing additional components like gutter guards. All factors considered will allow homeowners to achieve their desired outcomes when it comes to investing in high quality gutters without exceeding budget limits or straining finances unnecessarily.

How Leaf Guards Prevent Gutter Clogs and Water Damage?

Leaf Guards install right over your existing gutters, forming a barrier that keeps out leaves, needles, and debris while still allowing rainwater to flow freely into gutters. The micro-mesh screen has tiny holes that water can seep through but block even the smallest debris from entering.

Stops Water Damage

Clogged gutters lead to water damage in many areas of your home. When gutters overflow, water can seep into fascia boards, soffits, exterior walls and foundations. This leads to peeling paint, rotting wood, mold growth and structural issues. Leaf Guards prevent clogs so rainwater flows through the gutters and downspouts, not overflowing onto your home exterior.

Prevents Wood Rot

Wood rot is a serious issue caused by excess moisture. It can destroy roofs, walls, soffits, support beams and other structural components. The micro-mesh screen of Leaf Guards keeps gutters clear to stop water from pooling and penetrating into wood. This prevention of wood rot helps maintain the overall integrity of your home.

Blocks Mold Growth

Backed up gutters create optimal conditions for harmful mold growth. Mold spores need moisture to multiply. When gutters clog, water permeates exterior walls and enables mold colonies. Leaf Guards keep rainwater in the gutter and drain system so it never touches walls. This deprives mold of needed moisture.

Avoids Flooding and Erosion

Clogged gutters lead to flooding of basements, yards, driveways and walkways. The overflow erosion under patios, driveways and foundation walls. Leaf Guards’ micro mesh screens keep rainwater flowing properly so it exits out downspouts. This drainage prevents flooding and erosion around your home’s perimeter.

Deters Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed in the standing water that results from clogged gutters. Leaf Guard’s mesh screen allows water to flow freely through the gutter system and prevents pooling. Proper drainage deters mosquito’s from multiplying.

Protects Landscaping

When clogged gutters overflow, the runoff damages landscaping. Plants and grass can become oversaturated or eroded. Leaf Guard’s micro mesh keeps rainwater in gutters so it exits downspouts into proper drainage areas. This avoids damage to your valuable landscaping.

Why Choose LeafGuard Gutter Guards?

LeafGuard is the #1 rated gutter guard system in the nation. Here are some key reasons Fort Worth homeowners choose LeafGuard over other gutter guard products:


LeafGuard is the only gutter guard system that installs over your existing gutters and comes with a lifetime performance guarantee. This provides Fort Worth homeowners with full peace of mind that their gutters will remain open and functional for as long as they own their home.

LeafGuard Gutter Guard Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in gutter guards like LeafGuard is a smart way to protect your home, but it’s normal to have questions. Below we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get about leaf guards to help you make an informed decision:

LeafGuard guards install over your existing gutters. The micro-mesh stainless steel screen has tiny perforations that allow rainwater to flow in while blocking leaves, pine needles, asphalt shingle grit, and other debris. This prevents clogs and damage from water overflow.

Our certified installers will come to your home to custom fit LeafGuard to your exact gutter shape and roof line. The guards install seamlessly over your current gutters using durable hangers and straps so there is no damage to the roof. On average, installation takes just one day.

For most homes, our LeafGuard installation team can complete the full installation in just one day. We always make sure to clean up thoroughly when done.

No. One of the biggest advantages of LeafGuard is that it installs right over your existing gutters. There is no need for a full tear-off. As long as you have standard 5″ or 6″ residential gutters in good condition, LeafGuard can be installed.

LeafGuard can be custom fit to any roof style or pitch. Our installers have years of experience working on homes with complex rooflines. There are no limitations for installing LeafGuard gutter guards.

No. The combination of durable hangers and straps and the perforated micro-mesh screen allows the LeafGuard system to flex and move with your roofline during high winds. This safely transfers any force away from the gutters.

Yes! LeafGuard comes with a lifetime performance guarantee that’s fully transferable to the next homeowner. Plus, the stainless steel construction will not corrode or decay for the life of your home.

Absolutely. The micro-mesh screen has thousands of tiny perforations across the surface that allow rainwater to flow unimpeded into your gutter system. There is zero overflow or flooding with LeafGuard guards installed. Proper drainage is maintained.

No. Once installed, LeafGuard requires no maintenance, cleaning or repairs. The micro-mesh screen blocks debris and allows water to flow freely. You’ll avoid dangerous gutter cleaning for life!

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For premier gutter installation and protection in Fort Worth, TX, look no further than Gutter Installation & Cleaning of Fort Worth. We have years of experience providing Fort Worth area homeowners with top quality LeafGuard gutter guard installation and first-rate customer service.

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